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Our Process

Once you have decided that you want to build in Mountain View or the surrounding area, Heritage Home Builders is there to assist you in each phase of your project. We will help you find the perfect location, work with you to find the best source of funding, assist you with the design and custom features of you new home, and see the project through your move-in day.

Selecting the Site

Our thorough knowledge of the area is an asset to you as you decide on where you wish to build. Our knowledge of the existing communities, available lots and acreage, and the location issues important to you will help you find the perfect spot for your new home.


Your Home Plan

Heritage Home Builders has a vast array of home plans that you may choose. We also work with a variety of architects who are available to help you design the custom features important to you. If you already have a plan we are happy to help you bring that dream to fruition. Once your plan is decided Heritage Home Builders works with you to establish the time, materials, and financing aspects for your home.


Project Management

This is where Heritage Home Builders experience comes into play. We begin with lot excavation, pouring the foundation, framing the house, putting on the roof, installing plumbing and electrical, insuring that at each stage all necessary permits, approvals, and licenses are in order and your home meets the existing code.


Moving In

The day is here to close and move in. Heritage Home Builders is able to assist you with the myriad of issues that surface. We are able to help you with your closing, arrange movers, interior designers, and assist with any special needs you require.

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